I'm a Landlord

Why should I list my apartments on Padspin?

Padspin's main goal (other than saving our users money) is to help landlords avoid vacancy gaps by making it easier to fill their apartments quickly. We believe that there are two main reasons that unintended vacancy gaps happen:

  1. Broker fees make it harder for prospective tenants to say yes due to the added cost they need to pay in order to sign a lease.
  2. Inefficiencies in the overall process, from marketing through to applying and lease signing, make things take longer and can result in prospective tenants dropping out and looking elsewhere.

Padspin addresses these issues by overseeing the entire rental process and drastically reducing move-in costs for tenants, resulting in a win-win for landlords and their tenants.

Padspin provides these services:

  1. Marketing. When you post your listing on Padspin, we will market it on other sites, making sure it is seen.
  2. Pre-screening. We make sure that prospective tenants meet your basic requirements prior to scheduling them for a viewing.
  3. Scheduling. We will coordinate between prospective tenants and you or your representative (such as the super or outgoing tenant) to show the apartment.
  4. Applying. We facilitate the application process by helping the prospective tenant complete and submit the application.

How do I get started

Click the "Post Pad" link in the top righthand corner of the screen. You'll need to create an account to post.

I’m a Renter Searching for an Apartment

How is Padspin different from other apartment rental websites?

We are different in a few important ways:

  1. Most websites source listings from brokers or by scraping them from other real estate listing sites. This means that many of their listings will be out-of-date, fake, or possess poor quality photos or details regarding the space. It also means that if you find an apartment on their site, often you still have to contact a traditional broker if you want to proceed.
  2. We get all of our listings directly from landlords and outgoing tenants. Once an apartment is posted on Padspin our team verifies it's real and reviews the listing to make sure it meets or photo, description and pricing standards. When an apartment is filled we immediately remove it to ensure that you are seeing active available listings.
  3. We make sure that all of the listings on our site are for long-term leases on entire apartments. That means no temporary sublets or people looking for roommates.
  4. We allow you to schedule a time to see the apartment you are interested in online. Apartments are shown by the landlord or their representative, or the outgoing tenant. Before sending you to look at an apartment, we'll conduct a quick screening to make sure you meet the landlord's requirements.
  5. We allow you to reserve the apartment you want to apply for. This means that we take the listing down and won't submit any other applications while yours is being processed, so you don't need to worry about your application being one of many under consideration for the apartment you want.

How do Padspin listings compare to the "no-fee" listings I see on other sites?

Good question. "No-fee" is often a bit misleading, as the fee is really just hidden in your monthly rent. This practice is common for larger or luxury buildings. They, rather than you, pay the broker's, but the cost gets passed on to you in the form of higher rent.

At Padspin, because we work directly with the landlord, we eliminate the fee. There's no expensive broker anywhere in the process who needs to be paid for you to move in.

What happens when I book a viewing online?

Padspin will double-check your viewing time with the person showing the apartment and then provide you a viewing confirmation with further instructions.

What do I do after my viewing?

If you liked it and want to apply, let us know as soon as possible. We will let you know how to reserve it, then put you in touch with the landlord to apply.

I'm moving to New York from outside of the city or country. Can Padspin still help me?

You bet! We've helped our users move to New York from all over the world. We've even arranged virtual showings for users who couldn't come to the city to see an apartment they were interested it. Reach out to us if you need any extra help.

I'm Breaking my Lease

Can Padspin help me get out of my lease?

Yes, we frequently help people who need to get out of their leases by marketing their apartment on Padspin and other rental websites, and pre-screening and scheduling interested replacement tenants, as well as making sure they understand the process.

To get started, create an account and then click "Post Pad" on the top menu.

Please note: We can only accept your listings if your landlord will allow you to do a "lease assignment" or is willing to start a new long-term lease with the replacement tenant. Please check with your landlord before posting! Additionally, we do not accept listings for sublets.